Stars Like Cold Fire

After Jeff Yi escaped from the hell of the Naval Academy, he thought his troubles were behind him. As a junior officer on a ship of the line, he could grow into the role so many seemed to expect of him. But when he barely survives an attack by a gang of fascist thugs, his past shockingly catches up to him.

Instead of obscurity, he is given a command of his own – acting Captain of the smallest, ugliest ship in the fleet. As war looms, Yi must win over a hostile crew and face his own demons while battling an implacable foe that wants nothing less than the destruction of everything he has ever believed in.

"A fast-paced, far-future outer-space adventure in the classic mode, with a central character you'll be rooting for every step of the way -- a great read."

Edward Willett, Aurora-award winning author of Marseguro

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$ 17.95

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