Second Contacts

Second Contacts presents seventeen stories from writers in six countries (Canada, United States, England, Mexico, Israel, and the Netherlands) that answer the question: What happens after first contact? Set fifty years in the future, they explore the aftermath of alien contact, for us and for them. With stories by Barry King, Jetse De Vries, Nicole Lavigne, Robin Wyatt Dunn, David Tallerman, Naomi Libicki, Matt Moore, Morgan Crooks, Albert Nothlit, Karen Anderson, Andrew Barton, David Yeh, Jaime Babb, Peter Wendt, Coleen Anderson and Rhea Rose, Liz Westbrook-Trenholm, and Holly Schofield.

 Praise for other Bundoran Press Anthologies

Blood and Water edited by Hayden Trenholm  

Winner of the Aurora Award

For readers with the fortitude to gaze into a future without the comforts of cornucopia technology, a place where perpetual crop shortages and radical climate change are less than a lifetime away, then Blood & Water is a must have. – Adam Shaftoe, Page of Reviews

I think more than providing a cool “what if” question to centre an anthology around, Trenholm may have hit upon the leading edge of a new genre. – J.S.S. Boyce,

Strange Bedfellows edited by Hayden Trenholm

An often-terrific new Canadian anthology of politically based science fiction tales from around the globe and beyond. – Corey Redekop, Quill and Quire

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