Rogue Town

In a secret settlement filled with rebels and outcasts, Victor Stromboli fights to establish his authority as the newly minted Sheriff of Rogue Town. Having survived the destruction of Transient City, Stromboli returns to his former home to recover vital technology, only to discover he has a murder investigation on his hands.

Recent arrival, Olaf Greggsun, was tortured before being brutally killed – but what secrets did he have that were worth dying for and who wanted them badly enough to kill? Caught between competing corporate agendas and corrupt local officials, Stromboli will need all his wits to solve this crime and protect Shoes, the peculiar and brilliant woman he has grown to love.

But who can he trust? Everyone seems to have their own dark secrets and hidden motives and if Stromboli can’t sort the good guys from the bad, he risks losing everything – including his life.

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