Falcons Egg

Ten years after the arrival of the interstellar generation-ship, Mayflower II, nothing much seems to have changed on the long-forgotten planet of Peregrine. Then Lorn Kymbal, now a Corporal in the planetary security service, is summoned to the remote cabin by an old friend of his family – Javik, a man better known for his dangerous conspiracy theories than his hospitality. Javik alerts Lorn to a new threat to the planet’s safety, moments before he is murdered. By exploding mechanical spiders!

Lorn tracks the conspirators into the deepest and most dangerous reaches of the planet to discover that the plot threatens not only his home planet, but the entire galaxy. Kymbal, a veteran of the war of liberation that had almost cost his life, now must fight poisonous trees, killer robots and his own inner demons as he tries to win peace for himself and his people.

Falcon’s Egg is the fast-paced sequel to Right to Know by Aurora-winning author of over fifty books, Edward Willett.

 Praise for Right to Know

{Right to Know} proved to be a wildly entertaining read. SF is a great place to explore such human themes and Mr. Willett does so without becoming too preachy in the effort. I found the characters realistic, the plot solid.      


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