Breakpoint: Nereis

The first of The Plague Confederacy series, Breakpoint: Nereis combines a rousing space opera with a first-rate medical mystery. Struggling to rebuild an empire shattered by plague, the starship, Waiora, recontacts the colony of Nereis, only to find themselves embroiled in war. The mandate of First Contact is to help stabilize devastated colonies while searching for the origins of the plague that brought down the empire. But the new Confederacy has struggles of its owns and it is ill-equipped to play peacemaker. Passions run high as deceit and trickery threaten to destroy them all.

"A many-layered story of political intrigue and action, with a broad cast of sympathetic characters and a well-thought-out scientific background; glad I picked it up!"
James Alan Gardner, two-time Aurora Award winner

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