Submission Guidelines


We ARE CLOSED TO SUBMISSIONS science fiction novels only. This includes both hard and soft SF, social or political SF, space opera, cyber- or biopunk, and SF mysteries. 
Preferred length is 60,000 to 100,000 words but we will consider longer if exceptional. 
We are not accepting single author short story collections or external anthologies. We do not not accept submissions that have been previously published, including self-published. Generally we are interested in stand-alone novels only; series will only be considered from authors with significant publication experience.
We are not accepting fantasy, horror or other genres. 

Please note that Bundoran Press only publishes 2 to 4 novels per year.


We are accepting electronic submissions only.

Please include the following:

  1. Query letter in the body of an email with the following information and your contact details.
  2. The query letter should include the title and word-length of the novel and a brief synopsis (150 words max) that describes the central conflict, main character (s), the theme and genre (space opera, near-future, medical SF, etc.) of the novel and its general tone (dystopian, optimistic, political).
  3. Personal details should be limited to your 3 most significant publication credits (if any) and any professional, educational or experiential qualifications that inform your work.
  4. Do NOT include manuscripts, chapters or a longer synopsis. If your query letter captures our imagination, we will ask for additional material.
    1. Please format your text with the Times or Times New Roman font, at 12pt size.
    2. Single paragraph spacing.
    3. Single text spacing.

Email your query to