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Bundoran Press Author Submission Guidelines


Submission Guidelines


Science Fiction is our conversation with the future. But what if that conversation went on forever? Bundoran Press Publishing House will open for submissions from December 21st, 2015 to February 29th, 2016 for a new anthology of science fiction stories to be edited by Michael Rimar and Hayden Trenholm. Publication is planned for October 2016. 

Lazarus Risen will seek SF (no fantasy or horror, please) short stories that explore the economic, political, social and psychological consequences of life extension, human cloning, the hard upload and other forms of the biological singularity. Dreams of immortality and eternal youth are almost as old as human culture itself. But what would the world look like if everyone could live and be young forever? What would it look like if only some of us had that privilege? These are only some of the questions your story might try to answer. Surprise us, shock us, illuminate us but most of all tell us a great story. 

Payment for first world English rights (print and digital) will be $0.04 a word to a maximum payment of $300.00 (all figures Canadian dollars). Our preferred length is 3500 to 6500 words. We will accept stories of any length to 10,000 words (longer than 10,000 WILL NOT BE READ) but the maximum payment will remain $300.00. Stories will be accepted from around the world but we are not interested in reprints. Payment on publication. 

Please submit in .rtf, .doc or .docx format. In the title line of e-mail put: SUBMISSION LR:"Title of your story." Include a brief cover letter in the body of your e-mail giving us the title and word length of your story and any writing credits you wish to share with us. Do not summarize your story.  

Email your attached document to: hayden@bundoranpress.com


We are seeking science fiction novels only. This includes both hard and soft SF, social or political SF, space opera, cyber- or biopunk, and SF mysteries.  Steampunk with a strong scientific basis will be considered. Military SF and Zombie novels are likely to be a tough sell unless they have a different twist. 
Preferred length is 60,000 to 100,000 words but we will consider longer or shorter if exceptional. 
We are not accepting single author short story collections or external anthologies. We do not not accept submissions that have been previously published, including self-published. Generally we are interested in stand-alone novels only; series will only be considered from authors with significant publication experience.
We are not accepting fantasy, horror or other genres. 


We are accepting electronic submissions only. With such a high number of submissions, a great deal of paper is being saved.

Please include the following:

  1. - Cover letter with a short biography, story genre, total word count and your contact information.
  2. - Synopsis, up to three pages.
  3. - First three chapters of your manuscript. Rich Text Format (rtf) email attachments only.
    1. Please format your text with the Times or Times New Roman font, at 12pt size.
    2. Single paragraph spacing.
    3. Single text spacing.
  4. If this manuscript is part of a series, please include a short synopsis for each of the remaining books but only provide sample chapters from the first book.

Email your attached rtf document to hayden@bundoranpress.com